Past Chats

Frank Wyatt, Stanley Whitaker and Rick Kennell of Happy the Man on Wednesday, November 10, 1999.  Chat log here.

Vocalist Steve Hogarth and guitarist Steve Rothery from the band Marillion on Sunday, November 7, 1999.  Chat log here.

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald, a founding member of both King Crimson and Foreigner, on Wednesday, October 27, 1999.  Chat log here.

Dream Theater and Mullmuzzler vocalist James LaBrie on Wednesday, September 8, 1999.  Chat log here.

Steve Hackett, solo artist and former member of Genesis and GTR on Sunday, June 6, 1999.  Chat log here.

Peter Hammill Interview - not a chat log, but an e-mail interview with Peter Hammill with questions submitted by members of the PH7 Mailing List.  Interview here.

Solo artist and former Marillion Vocalist, Fish, on Sunday, May 2, 1999.  Chat log here.

Solo artist and former Rolling Stone guitarist, Mick Taylor, on Sunday, April 18, 1999. Chat log here.

Drummer Rod Morgenstein and keyboardist Derek Sherinian of the band Platypus on Sunday, March 28, '99.   Chat log here.

Vocalist/composer/multi-instrumentalist Robert Wyatt from Soft Machine and Matching Mole on Sunday, March 21, '99.  Chat log here.

Solo artist and King Crimson vocalist/guitarist Adrian Belew on Sunday, March 14, '99.  Chat log here.

Keyboard Wiz Jordan Rudess of Liquid Tension Experiment and the newest member of Dream Theater on Sunday, February 21, '99.  Chat log here.

Troubador Shawn Phillips on Wednesday, February 10, '99.  Chat log here.

Michael Manring, bassist extraordinaire, soloist and member of Attention Deficit, on Wednesday, December 9, '98.  Chat log here.

Peter Hammill, solo artist and formerly of Van der Graaf Generator, on Sunday, November 15, '98.  Chat log here.

Annie Haslam, soloist and lead singer for Renaissance, on Wednesday, November 11, '98.  Chat log here.

Bill Nelson, solo artist and formerly of Be Bop Deluxe, Red Noise, Channel Light Vessell, etc., on Sunday, November 8, '98.  Chat log here.

Micky Hart of Planet Drum and the Grateful Dead on Sunday, October 11 '98.  Chat log here.

Andy Latimer and Colin Bass of Camel on Sunday, October 4 '98.  Chat log here.

Adrian Belew of King Crimson & ProjeKct Two on Wednesday, September 9 '98.  Chat log here.

The California Guitar Trio on Sunday, September 6 '98.  Chat log here.

Kevin Moore, keyboardist and former member of Dream Theater on Wednesday, August 26 '98.   Chat log here.

Steve Hogarth of Marillion on Sunday, August 23rd '98.   Chat log here.

Larry "Synergy" Fast on Wednesday, July 29 '98.  Chat log here.

Ian McDonald of King Crimson and Foreigner on Sunday, May 3, '98.  Chat log here.

Doane Perry of Jethro Tull and Thread on Sunday, April 12, '98.  Chat log here.

Mike Keneally on Wednesday, April 8, '98.  Chat log here.

Buck Dharma of Blue Oyster Cult on Sunday, April 5, '98.  Chat log here.

Tony Levin and David Torn on Sunday, March 29, '98.  Chat log here.

Bill Wyman on Sunday, March 22, '98.  Chat log here.

Mark Griffin, author of Vangelis - The Unknown Man on Sunday, February 22, '98.  Chat log here.

Steve Hogarth, Steve Rothery and Mark Kelly of Marillion on Sunday, September 14, '97.  Chat log here.

Larry "Synergy" Fast on Wednesday, September 3, '97.  Chat log here.

Tony Levin on Wednesday, July 30, '97.  Chat log here

The California Guitar Trio on Wednesday, May 28, '97. This chat log is posted at the California Guitar Trio Homepage

Buck Dharma of Blue Öyster Cult on April 2, '97. This chat log is posted at the Blue Öyster Cult Online site. 

David Torn on March 26, '97. Chat log here

Mike Keneally on February 26, '97. Chat log here

Suzanne Ciani on February 19, '97. Chat log here

Gary Willis of Tribal Tech on January 22, '97. Chat log here

Adrian Belew of King Crimson on December 10, '96. You'll find the log of this chat at Rob Murphree's Adrian Belew Site and also at the Elephant Talk site. 

Mike Pinder formerly of the Moody Blues on December 4, '96. At Gypsy Doug's One Step site you'll find the log of the Pinder Chat

Larry "Synergy" Fast on November 25, '96. At Larry's own Synergy site you'll find the log of the Synergy Chat

Trey Gunn of King Crimson on October 23, '96. At the Elephant Talk website you will find the log of Trey's Chat.

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