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Session Start: Wed, Aug 26, 1998

<WotanCCC> We will be speaking with Kevin Moore, composer of "Dead Air for Radios". We're getting ready to start here folks...Just a note to the folks in the audience... We will be moderating the rooms once we start. We have heard from chat attendees that they would prefer this method. And we are going to see how this works out. Your private messaging will still work of course. As will the question bot.   So you can send your questions at any time during the conference. I'm getting word that we're getting some excellent questions for Kevin. We will focus primarily on audience questions, and we will try to get as many as possible during our time with Kevin.   The trans- script of this event will be posted within a few days on the @Music dis- cussion boards on Talk City  http://www.talkcity.com   and on the Artist Shop web site http://www.artist-shop.com.   We're just waiting for Kevin folks...shouldn't be too long now....

Kevin has arrived folks, we are crossing t's and dotting I's. Squashing a few bugs. Ok folks, we're ready to begin.

<KevinMoore> I'd like to ask the first question (LOL)!

<WotanCCC> So, like I mentioned earlier the Audience rooms will be moderated, per previous requests.


Welcome to tonight's
Artist Shop Featured Artist Conference
An evening with Kevin Moore
Presented by @Music and TalkCity


<WotanCCC> Kevin Moore left Dream Theater in June of '94 after eight years with the band in order to pursue his own musical direction. In the fall of that year, he relocated to New Mexico where he began writing and recording new material. Four of the songs on the new record, "Dead Air for Radios" ("Even the Waves", "S.O.S.", "On the Page" and "Mouse") were written during this period, all of which incorporate excerpts from interviews Moore recorded with some of the people he crossed paths with there. Kevin Moore formed Fight Evil Records in 1996 to handle Chroma Key and future project releases. Chroma Key's Dead Air for Radios, is the label's first release. Kevin, thank you for joining us tonight.

<KevinMoore> Thank you for having me. It's great to 'sort of' be here.

<WotanCCC>We'll were all "sort of" here Did you want to start with a comment?

<KevinMoore> Yes, I just want to ask why I quit Dream Theater. I'd just like to put that question out for everybody.

<WotanCCC> LOL So, Why did you quit Dream Theater Kevin?

<KevinMoore> You mean I'm not in the band anymore? Get my agent on the phone!!!!

<WotanCCC> Always the last to know...

<KevinMoore> Ok, I'm ready to be serious now. ;-)

<WotanCCC> So, lets have an audience question...

<AskKevin> bristef says: Will you be touring in support of the CD?

<KevinMoore> Right now it looks like there won't be a Chroma Key tour until after the next album. Since I already spent about three years with these songs, I'd like to just move on. Also I'd like to have more material to play live. But hopefully the next album won't be too for off.

<AskKevin> timescape says: What's the reason for the dark vibe surround the whole DAFR ?

<KevinMoore> Dark vibe, hmmm, I don't really think of it as dark. I think of it as emotional or thoughtful. I don't know if there's a reason for anything I do... Maybe it's just a result of the mood I was in during the period after I left Dream Theater and before I knew what the hell I was going to do with my life.... I don't really think of it as a dark time, but certainly a thoughtful time anyway. I think that kind of shows up on the album.

<AskKevin> dionyzus says: What creative input, if any, did you have for A Pleasant Shade of Gray?

<KevinMoore> Ooooh! Most of the keyboard parts were written by Jim Matheos... So for the most part I made very few changes. Except for sounds and voicings. But then the stuff that's my own material is kind of obvious...the parts where the keyboards start riffing more...I had a little input with that. But for the most part it's Jim's material.

<WotanCCC> We're getting some great questions and again, we're going to field as many as possible. Kevin thanks for giving us such great answers.

<AskKevin> satan_barf says: kevin, what have been your biggest influences, both musically and otherwise, for your Chroma Key project?

<KevinMoore> Well Satan-Barf (LOL), I think some of my old and most basic influences are people like Peter Gabriel and Roger Waters and Laurie Anderson...

<WotanCCC> Good company

<KevinMoore> And I think more recent influences are artists like Lisa Germano, My Bloody Valentine, and some other weird shit. I'm also very influenced by long car trips.

<AskKevin> snowdog2112 says: Kevin, will the songs that were released on the demo that weren't on the CD be released at some point?

<WotanCCC> Good question snowdog2112. (must be a Rush fan)

<KevinMoore> Funny you mention that, Snowdog... I'm actually thinking of releasing a compilation of demo material, just cramming as many old demos on to a CD as physically possible.. A lot of people have asked about how they can get their hands on some of the older demo material. So I think this might take care of those people.

<WotanCCC> Great stuff for the collectors.

<KevinMoore> If anyone out there is interested in such a thing, just drop a note to the webmaster at my website.

<WotanCCC> And your web address is?

<KevinMoore> It's webmaster@chromakey.com,    http://www.chromakey.com

<AskKevin> myche says: how and when did u start composing... i am from Ronkonkoma, not far from your home town of Kings PArk

<KevinMoore> I wrote a really terrible song when I was 12. It was a really bad 12 bar blues about getting arrested for stealing a coke from a7-11... But I wouldn't call that composing (LOL)

<WotanCCC> Now, if it were a Circle K that would be something else entirely...

<KevinMoore> I'd say I really got into writing my own material when I was in Dream Theater. And it's something that just grew and grew and took up more of my time and interest. Circle K? No comment. (LOL)

<AskKevin> fugazi7 says: What is the story behind "Hell Mary" and where is that dialog from?

<KevinMoore> I don't know if I want to tell you. After all, I don't know who you are. You could be anybody, Mr. Fugazi (LOL).... It has something to do with the end of the world, I think. And hallucinogenic visions thereof as experienced by a computer. But I might be making that up ;-)

<WotanCCC> I hope that satisfies you Mr. Fugazi

<AskKevin> dionyzus says: Do you plan to make film a career, and if so will you still be making music?

<WotanCCC> Interesting question.

<KevinMoore> I'm not really interested in film as much as I'm interested in video... I've been doing a lot of experimental video stuff in the past few years. It's all music and video together really. Some of it is music videos, but the music is an integral part of the visual. I think I'll always be making music, yes. But I think I'd like to merge those two mediums, or hobbies, whatever.

<AskKevin> tigerfolly says: I know you were using a Korg DW-8000 and a Roland JD-800 during Images and Words, and looking at getting a Korg 01/W (not sure if that's the third keyboard you used on tour). Have you changed your setup any?

<WotanCCC> Great questions tonight folks. Kevin you have some really great fans.

<KevinMoore> A techie question!

<WotanCCC> We're all techno nerds online...

<KevinMoore> Equipment - the only keyboard I use now is a Kurzweill K 2000. I use it for everything. It's the only keyboard on the album! I've spared down my gear to a more portable state.

<WotanCCC> Wow. Does everything you need eh?

<KevinMoore> Pretty much!

<AskKevin> akashaman says: HI Kevin! What was it like playing with the guys from Fates Warning on the new cd?

<KevinMoore> Hi, Akashaman! It's always a lot of fun to work with the guys in Fates. And it's also fun to fool around with some more technically challenging music than I'm usually involved with - for a couple days anyway. But I enjoyed it a lot and am waiting for my invitation to do the next one.

<AskKevin> timescape says: Do you write the lyrics separately from the music, like poems ?

<KevinMoore> I never write the lyrics first... The lyrics always come out of the music for me. I think it's the easiest way and the way the feels most natural to me. Most of the time I have a piece of music and I start singing nonsense to it. And a lot of the nonsense ends up being the final product!

<AskKevin> thereverendofeppingfore says: do you feel that selling and advertising the album via the internet has been successful for you?

<WotanCCC> For more information on "Dead Air for Radio's" and other Kevin Moore Recordings, please visit the Artist Shop web site at http://www. artist-shop.com Or Kevins Site at http://www.chromakey.com

<KevinMoore> It's been very rewarding for me, just to be able to release my own music without having to go through some middleman who's only interested in the money they can siphon out of it. I find it very gratifying to be able to sell directly to the people who are interested in hearing my music. And I think more bands should be doing that sort of thing.

<WotanCCC> I think more of that will happen as time goes one.

<KevinMoore> Record companies are over-rated! I think that's true, Wotan.

<AskKevin> chrisprog says: Anyone in the music world you'd like to collaborate with in the future?

<WotanCCC> Good question chrisprog

<KevinMoore> I've never been too interested in collaborations. That sounds kind of selfish. When I want to work with another musician, I just steal some of their music and f**** it up. I think at one time I wanted to work with Tori Amos a lot, but that never happened. So I stole her!

<WotanCCC> Interesting combination

<KevinMoore> I took an a capella song of hers and made my own music for it. That'll teach her! (LOL) That's enough of that.

<AskKevin> ratkins says: will you tell us how sun, orange, small developed? who's the guy talking in the beginning?

<KevinMoore> SOS is one of the oldest songs on the album. I wrote it while I was still in Santa Fe. It's definitely one of the moodier songs on the album. The sample is of a German guy I met in Santa Fe who was telling me his story about his experience hitch hiking from LA to Santa Fe. Upon his first arrival to the states. I thought the recording of his voice fit well with the mood of the song. It was kind of a travel song. I didn't feel like singing much that week, so I put his sample over all the verses. And I think it worked out.

<AskKevin> tigerfolly says: One thing I've really liked about your style is the sounds you use. They aren't very "synth"-like, and tend to be warmer than usual. Can you explain your taste in sounds?

<WotanCCC> Excellent question.

<KevinMoore> As far as sounds go I think I'm moving more towards dirtier - more organic - sounds. Sounds that aren't so pristine are nice. Sometimes this comes from distorting a piano sound or recording and distorting a string sound. And it just sounds more like real life to me. Or something.

<WotanCCC> LOL. Good answer

<AskKevin> timescape says: Why "Fight Evil" as the labelname ?

<WotanCCC> Fight Good was taken?

<KevinMoore> Hey, I could have used that answer, Wotan!

<WotanCCC> Sorry.

<KevinMoore> Let's see... I think it has something to do with not wanting to sign to an EVIL RECORD LABEL or not wanting to deal with evil music industry people .... which I have since become ;-) Kinda good questions!

<AskKevin> bristef says: Have you had any regrets about leaving Dream Theater and the guys you played with for so long? Was it not possible to release a solo CD and still be in DT?

<KevinMoore> Possible, but not very much fun. Having time to do my own stuff was only part of the reason I left. And the other half is that I was losing interest in the music. I don't think anyone should spend their lives involved with something they're not interested in. Oh, I don't know! Perserverance is over-rated! Quit your job today!

<WotanCCC> Ok, hang on...

<KevinMoore> Everybody's just going to log off now (LOL)

<WotanCCC> Workers of the world....quit.

<AskKevin> felixbob says: Will your albums be available at major record stores or is the label mail-order only?

<WotanCCC> Good question felixbob

<KevinMoore> Brilliant, Wotan, I think that's going to be the Fight Evil motto (LOL)

<WotanCCC> Its a thang...

<KevinMoore> At the moment it's mail order only.... But in September I'm going to be working on radio and press promotion and securing distribution for the States. Just like a real Evil record company! But all my music will always be available through the website.

<AskKevin> __never__ says: What bands/artists, if any, influenced 'Dead Air For Radios' ?

<WotanCCC> For more information on "Dead Air for Radio's" and other Kevin Moore Recordings, please visit the Artist Shop web site at: http://www.artist-shop.com  Or Kevins Site at: http://www.chromakey.com

<KevinMoore> Like I said, Peter Gabriel, Laurie Anderson, Lisa Germano, The Cure, John Cage, Stockhausen (LOL), The Way Out.

<WotanCCC> Hide what you compose in what you hear.

<AskKevin> fugazi7 says: OK, I guess I'll live with the Hell Mary answer <g> Are the voices in Camera 9 just people from one of your film classes or something?

<WotanCCC> A little Stockhausen quote for the day.

<KevinMoore> Yes, they are. They were just 'bugged' one day in the video  control room, trying to feed black through the monitors.That song has a video, btw.

<AskKevin> myche says: what is with your fixation with colors? Watercolor - Colorblind

<KevinMoore> I guess it has something to do with my fixation for video and living in a media saturated world. I'm sort of interested in how life works in that kind of environment - how dreams get mixed up with films you saw - or memories get mixed up with TV sitcom - some Three's Company episode from year four.

<WotanCCC> Wow, that is scary.

<AskKevin> calvin6s says: Any plans on doing any side projects or guest apperances on other CDs? Usually you can't plan those sort of things.   Generally people call you up a week before you do your tracks and you do them or you don't. But nobody has asked recently.

<AskKevin> tigerfolly says: I'm not sure if you've heard Dream Theater's `Falling Into Infinity', but there's a song that just reminded me of you on there.. called `Take Away My Pain'. It reminded me of Rick Wakeman leaving Yes, only to return when they both took different paths to the same destination. Any comments?

<WotanCCC> tigerfolly wins the official Yes subreference award for the evening.

<KevinMoore> I've heard the album once or twice, but I'm not familiar with the songs or the lyrics.

<WotanCCC> Ok, we're going to have to make this the last quesition of the evening...

<AskKevin> ytsefish says: What has been your most memorable/cherished experience and proudest moment since starting your solo career?

<KevinMoore> Holy Hannah! Hmmmmm..... Any other questions (LOL)?

<WotanCCC> You've got some knowledgable and thoughtful fans here Kevin. That's one of the easy ones. B-{)}

<KevinMoore> Musically my proudest moment was when I received the Dead Air for Radios CD's back from the manufacturer!

<WotanCCC> The first shrink wrapped copy....

<KevinMoore> Yup

<WotanCCC> Is there anything else you would like to mention before we conclude today?

<KevinMoore> I'd just like to thank everyone for comin' down. Thanks for all the good questions. That was a lot of fun.... Let's do it again tomorrow!   Bye!

<WotanCCC> You were a great guest Kevin, and your fans are outstanding! Thank you. Looks like our time is up... I'd like to thank everyone for joining us tonight. Steve, we appreciate your taking the time to come and chat with us tonight, and hope youšll come back to Talk City again soon!

<KevinMoore> Thanks, Fish!

<WotanCCC> To purchase Kevin Moore's "Dead Air for Radio's", or for information on other Artist offerings, please visit The Artist Shop Online at:

<KevinMoore> LOL

<WotanCCC> http://www.artist-shop.com   Finally, thanks to the Artist Shop for working with us on this conference. We especially appreciate the efforts of Gary Davis in giving us the opportunity to speak with Kevin Moore.



<WotanCCC> <-- Will shoot self immediately. Thanks Kevin. I'll just have to have a word with the macro department. And thank you all for coming tonight.

<KevinMoore> LOL

<WotanCCC> Good night all. See you later.

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