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WotanCCC:    Steve Hackett first came to attention when he joined Genesis for their album Nursery Cryme. Many fans consider the six studio albums he recorded with them to be the best and most adventurous of their entire catalog.

This year Hackett presents us with his latest work, Darktown, simply one of the most powerful albums of his entire career! Steve will be discussing the making of Darktown, working with friends like Ian McDonald and John Wetton, the making of the Genesis Archive set and any other questions you might have!

Steve, thank you for joining us today.

SteveHackett:    Pleasure.   And Greetings!

AskSteve:    TheUglyJanitor says: Of your work with Genesis, what is your favorite album, and your favorite guitar part?

SteveHackett:    Well, albums I did with Genesis, really my favorite would be Selling England by the Pound. My favorite guitar part would be between the two tracks Dancing with the Moonlit Knight and Firth of Fifth.

WotanCCC:    Great cuts.

AskSteve:    ShazR says: Will you be playing any concerts to promote "Darktown".... especially in the U.S.?

SteveHackett:    At the moment album requirements schedules permitting and sundries have prevented me from touring so far. I've got outstanding commitments in a number of different directions.  But I'm thinking seriously about rehearsals for live shows, so I'm thinking of doing that as soon as I'm finished with the records I'm making at the moment.  Whether it's going to be specifically the US or Europe or Japan is largely in the lap of negotiations...or negotiators...frankly.

AskSteve:    dayat says: I'm a fan of the 70's Genesis, but not too familiar with your solo works. What album do you suggest me to start with to get to know your music?

SteveHackett:    Well, funnily enough, if you're interested in the rock stuff, I would say Darktown. If you're interested in the Classical stuff, I would say Midsummer Night's Dream.  I could divide it more neatly for you in categories of work I've done with orchestras and work done with groups. If you like both, then I could point you to Genesis Revisited which has both groups and orchestras working on it.

WotanCCC:    Start with Darktown and work your way back.. B-{)}

SteveHackett:    Yes, Wotan, why not :-)

AskSteve:    garylevin says: What do you feel is your most important contribution to Genesis?

SteveHackett:    Leaving them, LOL! And seeing how they fared without me!  I think that was my most important contribution LOL!

AskSteve:    Lee122 says: Steve, I loved your work in GTR! do you think you will ever get together for a reunion? also, can you please tell me what's happening with Jonathan Mover?

SteveHackett:    I've lost touch with Jonathon Mover. But I see Steve Howe from time to time....and we occasionally talk and decided that the best thing we could do was to let King Biscuit Flower Hour release the GTR live stuff.  So that is available.  But I suspect any association with GTR will remain archival rather than in the present.

Last I knew about Jonathon Mover he was working with Joe Satriani. I wish him the best in all his ventures as he is a remarkable guy.

AskSteve:    CatFood says: What equipment are you using now? What guitar synth are you using? What effects?

SteveHackett:    It could be a very long list for someone who's a studio owner, but I'll try to keep it brief.  I'm using Fernandez electric guitars.   They're a Japanese company which build incredible guitar pickups which sustain literally forever!  I'm using Yairi Nylon guitars, also a Japanese guitar.  And whilst we're at it, the Japanese seem to have most things sewn up in the science lab these days.  I'm extremely taken with the Roland SE70, the Zoom unit.  I'm using a combination of Peavey Classic 50 and a Groove Tube plus Sans-Amp which work very well as DI units, as well as being great pre-amps.

AskSteve:    Myope says: Any concerts videos or other visual stuff in DVD format in the future???

SteveHackett:    Not in the future, although a Japanese company has issued a DVD version of the Tokyo Tapes, but I think that's only available in Japan. It has no additional features.  Just a copy of the original tape put on DVD.  Tokyo Tapes - the CD - will be coming out in the US sometime this summer with 3 video tracks added to it which are from the Tokyo Tapes video - Watcher of the Skies, Heat of the Moment and Los Endos.

AskSteve:    LastDomino says: What other bands or musicians have influnced you and your playing?

SteveHackett:    Well, this is a tricky one.  It goes right back to the jazz era and the Hot Clubs of Django Reinhart and Stephane Grappelli are without parallel in jazz.  And this very day I was listening to Ravel this morning.  I tend to get a tremendous amount of pleasure from checking out the past.  Just recently I bought the second Garbage album to check them out.  I bought a group called Lamb.  Also some Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane and Chet Baker not to mention a box set of Weather Report that I thought might be interesting...not the least of which is because both Chester Thompson and Alphonso Johnson play on at least one of the albums. So I'm catching up on my pals ;-) as well as my peers and ancestors.  That's what I'm listening to at the moment.

AskSteve:    garylevin says: How do you feel about Daryl Stuermer's interpretations of your solos, particularly the one in Firth of Fifth?

SteveHackett:    Well it wouldn't really be fair to compare unless I tried to play his licks from some of his tunes. I think in any inherited situation like that...it's almost impossible that no matter how proficient he is....I think it's very difficult unless your in the creation from the ground up. I can't think of any situation like that where the substitute can pull it off to the total satisfaction of fans.   But having said that, I think he does a very good job.

Years ago I used to see John Mayall Bluesbreakers playing.  I thought Peter Green was a tremendously good guitarist when he was playing with them.  But when they went into a song they'd done with Eric Clapton like I'm Your Witchdoctor, it was obvious to note Peter's discomfort.  I guess that's the best answer I can give you.

AskSteve:    ShazR says: Has having an internet site made a big difference in your relationship with your fans.... and record sales?

SteveHackett:    Yes it has made a tremendous difference!  As well as the obvious benefit, I think it serves as an ongoing advertising tool long after the publicists have done their job.  I think it's both a shop window, a telephone line, an open letter....and anything you want to call it!  But I'll stop short at religious proportions ;-)

AskSteve:    jazzis says: Do you think there is a close link between Prog (60's & 70's) and jazz. You mentioned a lot of jazz influences, but in Genesis there was little if any jazz

SteveHackett:    I think the similarities between Prog and Jazz are that they're both attempting long form...and except for a very few moments, Genesis was indeed guilty of failing to improvise.  But in those days the arrangement was king.

AskSteve:    aleroy says: Hi Steve, Aymeric Leroy/Big Bang Magazine here; congratulations for the new album; I feel it's the first time your vocal and instrumental stuff really fit together perfectly; largely thanks to an excellent, very modern production work. Any comments ?

SteveHackett:    I would agree. I'm glad other people are as happy with the vocals as I am myself.  It's taken many years for me to feel comfortable with the vocals and the arrangements.  I think that's because I've learned to relax and feel confidence as a singer.  And that doesn't mean confidence in cast iron lungs or bulletproof technique.  It means I feel Confidence in conveying character through the human voice.

AskSteve:    myprinter says: I love the way you can walk down the street without being mobbed, yet your respect among musicians is the highest you can get. I think you have the most desireable amount of fame anyone could want - do you? If not, what has your favorite era been?

SteveHackett:    This is an interesting one.  The ideal situation is to be able to sell music to people without having to sell yourself.  Unfortunately people tend to confuse music with the man.  But the best ideas are the ones that just pop into my head.  So I feel less like a writer and more like a receiver. And I'm dying to meet who sends these messages...but I don't think I'll find out in this lifetime ;-)

AskSteve:    Pacidy says: The graveyard cover art for Darktown is striking.  What was the inspiration for that?

SteveHackett:    Harry Pierce is the person who should be credited for that.  Harry is the illustrative designer that came up with the cover art.  So he should get either the praise or the blame.  But it's not an obituary!

AskSteve:    DoggieDooo says: Steve, if Genesis offered you a spot in the band to write and perform songs, would you go back?

SteveHackett:    They've already paid me 2 Billion and I'm off to the Bahamas! I hope they're not going to track me down! ;-)

AskSteve:    garylevin says: I loved the Tokyo tapes!!! Is there any chance of that "all star" band ever performing or recording again?

SteveHackett:    It's unlikely....because they're all so busy doing their own wonderful things.  In other words, it was a one off event.  As we've already mentioned, it is available on video, one of the four Japanese shows is available on video.

AskSteve:    Agilulfo says: <Darktown is the first album, which is not dedicated to Kim, is it? In that case why?>

SteveHackett:    I believe there have been odd dedications on the albums over the years. It hasn't been every album. To do them all would diminish the impact of the ones I've done before. And there have been a lot of dedications.  But there is still a tremendous amount of artistic influence that we have on each other's work.

AskSteve:    Myope says: When your company, Camino Records, will remaster your early albums. Is this possible? I want a Voyage of the Acolyte remasterized version!!!

SteveHackett:    We don't have the rights to be able to remaster some of the early stuff....But negotiations are ongoing with Virgin to give us the rights.   And then I feel like I'd improve the quality of the masters and do justice to the original artwork and inserts.

AskSteve:    DoggieDooo says: Steve, when you have those reunions with Rutherford and Peter, is it done for the buisiness or to be back with your friends/buddies? I know there was a little tension when you left so I was just curious.

SteveHackett:    It depends what reunions you mean. We've had social gatherings which are entirely due to affection with each other.  And we have ongoing business with each other. So it's a mixture of both.  But there are no longer any tensions between us.  That's been dispelled.  And I'd like to add that we've helped each other with various projects over the years, particularly charity projects.   And I get particular pleasure from working with those guys when it's a cause we all believe in...and it takes the pressure off when there's no money involved.  But I think that it's unlikely there'll be any long term reunions with anyone I've played with in the past.  That's answered quite a few questions, I think.  I'm continually interested in new people I might work with and I feel I've done enough going back.

AskSteve:    Goosesquash says: <You're the best, most original player! What is your opinion of the many Genesis tribute bands? Have you seen any?>

SteveHackett:    Yes I did. I saw a band called Regenesis which happened to be playing down the road.  And I'm sure I was encouraging to them.  I find the whole concept of tribute bands quite fascinating as it happens.  And I'm happy that other people can make at times what seems to be a healthy living out of my old museum exhibits ;-)

AskSteve:    LincolnsLog says: What was the last movie you saw that made you laugh out loud? And how important is your sense of humour in relation to your music?

SteveHackett:    Sense of Humour is very important!  Hmmm, last movie that made me laugh out loud?  Well, as I pick up videos, I remember laughing out loud at Eddie Murphy's The Nutty Professor.

AskSteve:    Music1UK says: Hi Steve, You've said that Darktown is a highly personal album, what was the inspiration for The Golden Age of Steam?

SteveHackett:    I mentioned it on the sleeve notes. The book The Diary of Anne Franke was the inspiration for the lyric.

AskSteve:    IntelArtCafe says: /msg askSteve <Hello Steve: Ronaldo Brazil again here... Do you think you will ever sell your music through the Internet on MP3 format? And Why?>

SteveHackett:    MP3 aaah!  If there's a format, I'll sell it. Believe me!  I think it's important to say that I'm not a technophobe!  But I'm gradually being weaned of my old 78's you understand LOL!

AskSteve:    aleroy says: Can you shed some light on the use of John Wetton "bass samples" on the new album ?

SteveHackett:    The tune that John recorded with me on Genesis Revisited - Firth of Fifth - had some particularly awe inspiring, powerful bass playing!   Which I then sampled and it's heard to very good effect on In Memorium.

AskSteve:    garylevin says: In a recent chat, you said that Phil Collins was both your favorite singer you have ever worked with and the worst.  Why is that?

SteveHackett:    LOL!!!

Because there's such a thing as a sense of humour!  It's because a question was put to me as "Who was the best and worst singer you've ever worked with?" and I answered Phil.  I thought everyone would get the joke! LOL!!!!  And I guess I'm repeating it again. And assuming this will get repeated to Phil yet again - JUST KIDDING MATE!!! LOL!!!

AskSteve:    LincolnsLog says: Do you have any non-music related hobbies that help you unwind? If so, what?

SteveHackett:    Banging my head against a brick wall. But when I get through with that...I like to relax in an armchair with War And Peace.  But don't try this at home folks - the War and Peace that
is.  And cut down on the bludgeoning! You know it'll only make your mother mad!

WotanCCC:    Is there anything else you would like to mention before we conclude today?

SteveHackett:    Brush your teeth at night and the first thing in the morning! And where possible where loose clothing! ;-)

WotanCCC:    Good tips. Thanks.

SteveHackett:    And remember to replace your CD's every 18 months!   Especially mine!!! LOL!!!

WotanCCC:    LOL  <-- jotting that down...

WotanCCC:    Looks like our time is up...  I'd like to thank everyone for joining us today.  Steve, we appreciate your taking the time to come and chat with us today, and hope you'll come back to Talk City again soon!  The transcript of this event will be posted within a few days on the @Music discussion boards on Talk City http://www.talkcity.com/atmusic and on the Artist Shop web site http://www.artist-shop.com

SteveHackett:    Sure! OK. It's been fun. Keep taking the tablets!

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Finally, thanks to the Artist Shop for working with us on this conference. We especially appreciate the efforts of Gary Davis in giving us the opportunity to speak with Steve Hackett.  http://www.artist-shop.com

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Please join us in the Music-Progressive room to continue talking about Steves work.   Thanks Steve. You were a great guest.  And you got some incredible fans here.    Thanks for coming everyone.




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