Log of The Artist Shop/Talk City IRC Chat with Adrian Belew on Sunday, March 21, 1999

<WotanCCC> Todays Featured Artist Series conference is with Adrian Belew.   Get your questions in early using the following format;  . . /msg AskAdrian Your question here...

<WotanCCC> Adrian is with us now, and we'll be starting soon folks.  Get those questions in.

<GaryArtistShop> Hi, folks. Things will be starting soon.....When it does, Adrian will be joining us as Opzop, which I think most of you will understand ;-)

<Opzop> Fire away...

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<WotanCCC> . Welcome to today's
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<WotanCCC> . An afternoon with
<WotanCCC> . Adrian Belew
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<WotanCCC> Adrian's was certainly a fast rising star. From Zappa to Bowie to Talking Heads to King Crimson.  And how about Paul Simon, Laurie Anderson, Jean Michel Jarre, Ryuichi Sakamoto, etc., etc.? With a talent like Adrian's he was bound to go somewhere fast.

Adrian has recently joined the Thirsty Ear label and just last month released a new solo acoustic CD called Salad Days.   Salad Days features acoustic performances of songs from throughout Adrian's career including some King Crimson.  Adrian, thank you for joining us today.

<GaryArtistShop> Glad to have you join us again

<Opzop> My pleasure

<WotanCCC> We have some really great audience questions so lets get right to them..

<AskAdrian> blueangel says: Adrian, it's really great to have you with us again! Tell us about the new projects you've been working on?

<Opzop> Currently I'm working on several different things: the promotion of Salad Days, the making of an all-new power guitar trio record, a new Bears record, and the continuation of Dust, my rarities collection due next year...Phew!

<GaryArtistShop> Who else is in that trio?

<Opzop> So far I'm making the trio alone, but hope to tour it in the future with two lucky people at my side ha!

<WotanCCC> LOL

<AskAdrian> aboxofrogs says: What was it like touring as a drummer rather than a guitar player for Projekct II?

<Opzop> At first it caught me off-guard and unprepared, but it was a challenge I welcomed. My ideas and chops sharpened along the way. Which you can hear for yourself when Discipline releases LIVE GROOVE the upcoming Project 2 live record.

<AskAdrian> bay-window says: I know you have played with Zappa, Talking Heads, and King Crimson. Who else have you played with?

<Opzop> It's a long list. Ready? David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Cindy Lauper, Ruichi Sakamoto, Joe Cocker, Robert Palmer, The B-52's, Paul Simon, Laurie Anderson, Nine Inch Nails. Enough already

<AskAdrian> miracalix says: What were some of the things you learned from working with Frank Zappa?

<Opzop> Musically: how to work in odd time signatures, how to master records and pace them, how to arrange music. Personally I learned too many things to name about how to be a professional touring and recording artist and to do so honorably.

<AskAdrian> drphibes says: Are you familiar with the Crimso catalog pre Larks Tounges? And if so, are there any Crimso songs you would like to perform live from that period?

<Opzop> I'm very familiar with all Crimson music and love it all, but have little desire to perform it. I prefer creating new Crimson music.

<AskAdrian> fenatic says: do you stil use your older Roland equiptment for newer material?

<GaryArtistShop> Ah, a techie question.

<Opzop> Absolutely. I have something of a Roland museum here and I use it all. GA

<AskAdrian> drofrockology says: adrian. you are one of the busiest people i've ever met. when you are writing new material, is it something you have to work at, or do your ideas just flow forth, like a fountain?

<Opzop> Music flows forth> I wake up thinking music, spend my days solving the problems inherent in presenting the music in my mind, and go to bed thinking music. What slows me down is writing the proper words.

<AskAdrian> theuglyjanitor says: What differences will I find between Salad Days and BelewPrints?

<Opzop> Salad Days has 3 songs from The Acoustic Adrian and 2 un-released live cuts, one of which is Three Of A Perfect Pair, which recives a lot of comments,

<AskAdrian> drofrockology says: i've heard you say that the music comes first when you are working on new material. do you play with lyrical phrases during the process? do you hum along or tra-la-la where the words will go?

<Opzop> Yes, I always have a clear picture of the melody and phrasing and take great care that the words convey the proper value for the music.

<AskAdrian> johnhornet says: Adrian, great to see you here! I've just bought my first guitar, and have finally started lessons .... any tips?

<Opzop> What I did was to listen to anything which caught my ear and try to figure out how it was done. Failing that, I would find a good teacher.

<WotanCCC> For more information on "Salad Days" and other Adrian Belew Recordings, please visit the ArtistShop web site at:


<AskAdrian> mysterygirl says: Where's your favorite venue, and why?

<Opzop> That I can't answer, I have too many and it depends on so many variables such as the band, the audience, the spirit of the evnt, etc.

<AskAdrian> bay-window says: What is the current status of King Crimson?

<GaryArtistShop> That's one I'm sure everyone wants to ask!

<Opzop> I spoke with Robert yesterday. Forgive me if this answer is long. We have spoken many times over the last few weeks concerning the line-up and Robert has decided to go with a quartet: Me, Robert, Trey, and Pat. There are many reasons for this decision, none of them personal_we're all good friends and will no doubt work together with Tony and Bill again in the future. If you'd like to know Robert's thinking check his webstite.

<GaryArtistShop> Long answers are definitely ok.

<AskAdrian> emmanuel says: How do you select a guitar? Any suggestions on what to buy .... ( I can only spend about 1,500 right now) ... (that's alotta allowance)

<Opzop> My guitars are custom-made because I prefer certain little things none of which exist on one guitar. Buy a strat or a Les Paul for starters until you know more about what you like.

<AskAdrian> ckwebz says: Any plans for colaboration with Andy Partridge in the near future now that he is working again?

<Opzop> Andy and I have spoken about it but still don't see a hole in both our schedules. I love his stuff.

<AskAdrian> stardust says: What's the funniest thing that ever happend while performing?

<WotanCCC> Besides a Zappa gig stardust?  B-{)}

<Opzop> I never can think of antecdotes.

<AskAdrian> guest-scooter says: Any possibility of a SOLO career-spanning LIVE CD release? (Perhaps a 3 CD set?!)

<Opzop> You know, I've never made a proper live record of my solo material. If the up-coming trio is as hot as I'm hoping it would be the perfect opportunity.

<AskAdrian> bay-window says: How did you start your career with King Crimson?

<Opzop> It was my first day on tour in England with Talking Heads, circa 1980. Robert Fripp woke me up from my jet-lag to ask if I'd form a band with him and Bill Brufords. Yikes, said I!

<AskAdrian> theiahunginjeet says: Do you have any children,andare they into music?

<Opzop> Do I have children ?! I have five! The all show amazing signs of artist talent as yet unharnessed.

<AskAdrian> stevenlore will Thirsty Ear be releasing your future projects including the new Bears Album?

<Opzop> I've yet to shop all these new records. I'm hoping to find the right company with the right marketing plan for me. Thirsty Ear has as much chance as anyone.

<GaryArtistShop> BTW, a while back Adrian mentioned checking Fripp's comments regarding Crimson at the website. I believe he was referring to the DGM website which you'll find at http://www.discipline.co.uk/

<AskAdrian> catfood says: Are there any King Crimson archival releases coming out that you can tell us about?

<Opzop> There are more coming every day, but for an acurate description you should check the aforementioned DGM website.

<AskAdrian> sombrereptile says: Will the next King Crimson continue experimenting with improvisation, like taking THRaKaTTaK to the next level?

<Opzop> It's difficult to project (excuse the pun) what King Crimson will be, but I'm certain improv will play a role in our music as it always has.

<GaryArtistShop> And as long as I'm giving out web addresses, be sure to check out Adrian's official site at http://www.murple.com/adrianbelew/

<AskAdrian> bay-window says: How did you get involved with Frank Zappa?

<Opzop> He came into a club I was playing, got my number, and 6 months later auditioned me along with 49 other guitarists. For the long version of that story you'll have to wait for the book!

<AskAdrian> guest-murkie says: with the departure of bill bruford from kc, do you see yourself becoming more involved with the drumming in that band?

<Opzop> Yes. I see myself in multiple roles depending on the requirements of the music. Robert seems very excited at the prospect of me and Pat wailing away. I better start those paradiddles.

<AskAdrian> robmurple says: In the Musique Concrete pieces on Salad Days, who is the voice saying "very heavy"?

<Opzop> Mr. David Bowie. The secret's out. It's from some of the out-takes of the making of Gunman from my Young Lions record. Good question, you're the first person ever to ask.

<AskAdrian> ^stryder^ says: What do you think about the album Red being compared to Pink Floyd's The Wall?

<WotanCCC> Interesting question.

<GaryArtistShop> Interesting, but I'm not sure I see any comparison.

<Opzop> I must admit, I don't know The Wall record well enough. But I know RED and consider it a masterpiece of what a trio can do.

<AskAdrian> eliecillo says: What's your main purpose as a musician??

<Opzop> Very heavy...very heavy. Well I feel I have something unique enough to state and my purpose is to make known my musical and verbal ideas to others and to be the best musician/recording artist I can be. God help me.

<AskAdrian> sisong1 says: Do you have a practice routine? IF so, what is it typically?

<Opzop> I have never practiced in the true sense of a regiment including scales or paradiddles. I probably should. But I play when I feel like it and fortunately the spirit moves me often enough to keep my chops up and my ideas flowing. I play guitar eveyday because I love it.

<AskAdrian> bagabug says: what tuning do you spend the most time in?

<Opzop> In the 80's I used several altered tunings while Robert used standard tuning. These days we reversed: now he uses an altered tuning while I mostly use standard. There are time in the studio when i use one of these: DADDAD or EADABE

<AskAdrian> miracalix says: you've halped pave the way for many musicians... how does that leave you feeling, knowing that you are a legendary pillar in the world of music?

<Opzop> I didn't know! Give me a minute to compose myself. Seriously, that's the best compliment I've ever been paid and if it has any validity I'm honored. I would like to think my work has had a positive effect on someone.

<AskAdrian> ncol23 says: will we see any live projekt two material in the near future ?

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<Opzop> Well, I wasn't the one who said it. Discipline remains a singular event which I'm proud of regardless of what position it takes in the polls.

<AskAdrian> sillysongs says: How do you relax? Do you do anything special?

<Opzop> I love to read, garden, cook, drive, watch movies, or have a nice dinner. Pretty normal stuff.

<AskAdrian> peteshellie says: It sounds as though you eat, sleep and breath music all the time! (WE appreciate it too!) But I'd like to know what (if anything) you do outside of music. Are you a movie buff? Do you like to read? Any other hobbies?

<GaryArtistShop> Hmmm, I think he might have already answered that from the previous question.

<Opzop> Ditto.

<AskAdrian> starless1 says: if you could put an imaginary group together of your favorite progressive musicians, who would be in the band?

<WotanCCC> Interesting question.

<Opzop> Wow that's a tough one I'll never answer in the time alloted.

<WotanCCC> Is there anything else you would like to mention before we conclude today?

<Opzop> I would love to know what anyone thinks of the new Crimson lin-up. Anyone care to comment?

<WotanCCC> <--- stunned about Levin and Bruford

<WotanCCC> However the most interesting changes in Crimso have occurred with the most dramatic changes.

<GaryArtistShop> My personal opinion is that since Bruford and Levin seem to have commitments that prevent them from doing Crimson stuff at this time, I welcome the quartet going forward and am happy that Fripp has left the door open for Bill and Tony to jump back in at any time.

<WotanCCC> Ditto.  Good call Gary. 

<GaryArtistShop> Well, good call from Fripp to leave the door open like that. Not all bands would be that sensible.

<Opzop> That's pretty much my thinking as well. Of course I'll miss Bill and Tony, but I can't help wonder what kind of noise the four of us will make and that keeps me intrigued.

<WotanCCC> Looks like our time is up.  I'd like to thank everyone for joining us tonight.  Adrian, we appreciate your taking the time to come and chat with us tonight, and hope you'll come back to Talk City again soon!

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<Opzop> Thanks, everyone.

<WotanCCC> Thanks so much for joining us today Adrian.  As always you were a great guest.  Finally, thanks to the Artist Shop for working with us on this conference. We especially appreciate the efforts of Gary Davis in giving us the opportunity to speak with Adrian Belew.



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<GaryArtistShop> Thanks for coming Adrian!

<WotanCCC> Please join us in the Music-Progressive room to continue talking about Adrians work.  And thanks to an excellent audience, you folks had some really great questions.

<GaryArtistShop> And probably a hundred questions we didn't even get around to ;-)


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