Log for The Artist Shop/Talk City IRC Chat with Jordan Rudess on Wednesday, February 10, 1999

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WotanCCC:    Jordan Rudess is one of the hottest new keyboardists on the progressive music scene today.  It was made official in 1994 when the readers of Keyboard Magazine voted him best new talent.  They made that honor all the more significant by giving him second place in the best overall keyboardist category right behind Keith Emerson!

WotanCCC:    Jordan's tastes have proven very diverse as he has worked with the likes of Vinnie Moore, Jan Hammer, Tony Williams, the Paul Winter Consort, Rhonda Larson, the Dixie Dregs, Rod Morgenstein, Liquid Tension Experiment, Annie Haslam, and many more.  Just last month Jordan accepted a gig as the newest member of Dream Theater much to the absolute delight of DT fans everywhere!  Jordan, thank you for joining us today.

GaryArtistShop:    And I'd like to mention that Ytsejam radio on the net is also doing a RealAudio broadcast of Jordan's music that you can listen to during our chat. You'll find it at http://www.dreamt.org/ytseradio/

WotanCCC:    Thank you Gary.

GaryArtistShop:    It'll make a nice little supplement to this chat.

Keywiz:    Hey everybody!

GaryArtistShop:    Hi, Jordan!

WotanCCC:    Well, take an audience question now...

AskJordan:    aboxofrogs says: How did you get involved with Dream Theatre?  Were you a fan?

Keywiz:    About 4 years ago they called me for an audition.  At that point ithe timing was not right for me.

AskJordan:    randomtask says: Who are some of the people you have played with in the past, and what were your favoite experiences?

Keywiz:    I've learned a lot from many. Steve Morse- Tony Williams, Paul Winter, Rod Morgenstein to name a few.

AskJordan:    alucard says: Who are some of the keyboard players you really look up to and admire?

Keywiz:    When I was younger I had a few distint "heros". Including Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman and Patrick Moraz were great influences. Now things have changed a bit.

AskJordan:    gates_of_delerium says: Given the material on LTE, will your joining of DT signal a return to pomp/bombast rock or just a continuation of the spacy/futuristic art rock we caught glimpses of in Falling Into Infinity?

Keywiz:    I think we can look forward to the new DT music being quite progressive. We all enjoy writing wild riffs together. I don't know if it will fall into either category you mentioned!

AskJordan:    acrobat73 says: Hey Jordan, its nice of you to take time out & talk to the fans this Sunday. What I wanted to ask you was how are the recording sessions going along for the new Dream Theater album & how are you getting along with James La Brie & John Myung since this is your first time recording with them?

Keywiz:    It is so smooth. The vibes are really mellow and exciting at the same time. We get along very well. There is a lot of respect for one another. Also it's great to be here today!

AskJordan:    miguel1200 says: Hey, I remember seeing you in the audience at the DT/ELP/Deep Purple Show. What's it like to be in the audience and later join the band?

Keywiz:    That is always very cool! I remember seeing the Dregs years ago wishing I could one day play with that drummer (Rod Morgenstein).  One year later we are working together in the Dregs and then followed by the Rudess/Morgenstein Project. Dreams do come true!

AskJordan:    jpm90 says: Will LTE 2 sound like LTE 1?

Keywiz:    In some ways LTE2 will sound similar. There are a great number of new stylistic flavorings added. Somehow JP and I had this latin vibe happening and some of it snuck into the music! Lots of cool leads throughout I think as well.

GaryArtistShop:    Jordan, LTE has just finished a brief round of gigs.   Critical response is that the music was outstanding.....  But one criticism is that the volume was ear splitting.  Any comments on that?

Keywiz:    It always is! (Unfortunately)    Tell em to turn it down!

AskJordan:    horriblecatfishman says: How does the DT sound differ now that you are a part of the band? DId you change Metropolis part 2 at all?

Keywiz:    First of all we just got started so it's hard to report on the impact of my presence. If you listen to LTE 1 and soon 2 mix that with what you know of DT you can pretty well imagine where this is going. (so far).

AskJordan:    yyztroopr says: Is there a projected release set for the new Dream Theater album?

GaryArtistShop:    Again, just a mention that Ytsejam radio is netcasting some of Jordan's music right now. I believe LTE's 3:00 Warning will be playing for a while ;-) The URL is http://www.dreamt.org/ytseradio/

Keywiz:    Good question. There is know official release date set yet as far as I know. I would be guessing if I told you when we will se it.

AskJordan:    jpm90 says: Who is your favorite classical composer?

Keywiz:    It is according to my mood. I love Chopin, Bach, Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Rachmaninoff and others. Each one at the right time is incredible.

AskJordan:    shambler says: Hi Jordan, will "Raise the Knife" be included on the next album?

Keywiz:    You guys will have to educate me as I'm new here! I don't know what Raise the Knife is!!

WotanCCC:    LOL

AskJordan:    symx says: Please tell John Myung that the fans are really dying to see a BASS SOLO section at the concerts !

Keywiz:    Oh no!! Bass solo!!!! Just kidding...

AskJordan:    dtfan says: Jordan, What direction do you and the other members of DT planning to go in musical wise this time around? I would like to see more along the lines of I&W or WDADU, more keyboard oriented!!

GaryArtistShop:    I suspect greater keyboard orientation is a distinct possibility ;-)

Keywiz:    We are all prepared to focus on the depth of the compositions we decide to create. The commercial factor is not as prevelant as in the past. The main goal is to write music that we feel is the best coolest stuff we can put out there. Everyone thinks that is what DT fans would like to hear.

AskJordan:    djgilmour says: I know you are a big Pink Floyd fan do you find any similarities between yourself and Rick Wright, and do you try to model yourself after him at all?

Keywiz:    With all respect to Rick. I have trouble slowing my hands down to his speed. He has more patience than I! I love Pink Floyd however.  They are a BIG favorite of mine.

AskJordan:    jpm90 says: How do you feel about MP3s and such illegal musicdistribution over the Internet?

GaryArtistShop:    Now there's a topical question!!!

Keywiz:    I have mixed feelings. The fan part of me likes it a lot. I think it is cool to be able to have access to so much stuff. The night after LTE played in LA, I got an email from a guy in Germany saying he enjoyed the concert! That's unbeleivable! I am a bit concerned about the inpact all of this will have on working musicians. I think it will work out well eventually.

WotanCCC:    We're getting great questions from the audience.  The internet makes for interesting copyright questions.

AskJordan:    amusic_gr says: Greetings Jordan.. I'd like to ask you what kind of keyboard equipment do you use when composing.. and what when performing?

GaryArtistShop:    A techie question, great!

Keywiz:    I am very involved with Kurzweil equipment. It is the only brand of instrument that gets turned on in my studio! I have an intense collection of CD Roms with sounds from all over the world and of many different synthesizers. Once loaded in the Kurzweil 2500 anything is possible!

AskJordan:    miguel1200 says: Can you goof off on any other instruments (i.e. Nightmare Cinema)?

Keywiz:    I can... Will I??? I do or rather I should say have played guitar. When I'm around John Petrucci I don't want to touch the instrument! Although one of these days I'm going to need to hit a low B Bar chord on his 7 string with the volume cranked up just for the thrill!!!

AskJordan:    teletran1 says: How is it having to learn the entire DT catalog? Is the music written out or do you have to figure it out for yourself?
Keywiz:    It's daunting! I'll write it out myself. Luckily I already wrote a bit of it years ago when I played at Foundations forum with DT..

AskJordan:    gates_of_delerium says: Given two instrumental albums under your belt with Portnoy and Petrucci, how does your songwriting change now that you are switching back to writing songs with vocals?

Keywiz:    It's interesting. The thing is to just keep in mind that vocals will be a featured part of what we do. It's a bit of an adjustment. I do love writing for vocals however.

AskJordan:    tonnino says: I know you began your work with sinthesyzers companies working at Korg. How you started your relationship with Kurzweil?

Keywiz:    About 6 years ago there was an opportunity open to me to get involved with Kurzweil. The K2000 was just coming out and I was so blown away by the possibilities within the instrument that I decided I should become part of the team there. I make a lot of the sounds that come in these instruments these days.

AskJordan:    rockbork1 says: what do you think of the sampling phenomenon taking place now in music?

Keywiz:    I personally have very little use for the whole sample LOOP thang that's happening "these days". There is a whole generation of people who don't know how to play.  They construct music on their computer.  What ever means of expression people have is cool with me and the more power to them.  I still get a lot of pleasure actually using my fingers to try to convey in "real time" the thoughts that go on in my head.  There is a magic to the art of being able to here something in your mind and get it out on the keyboard through the mechanism of your own hands.  As far as sampling goes I sample a lot. For instance I'll sample my voice-synthesise it add FX re-synthesize and use the end result as part of my performance. I did that alot on the Rudess MOrgenstein CD

AskJordan:    jon99999 says: Hi Jordan. I caught you at the Danvers clinic with Rod, and also at Berklee. Recently i listened to "listen to the voice" sample and I like the Keith Emerson-like part. Are you planning using any of those melodic ideas in DT?

Keywiz:    I'm not going to erase any of my past for my contributions to DT. I'm sure different JR elements will sneak in here and there!

AskJordan:    humulus says: How are LTE and DT envisioned to co-exist, if at all? For example, will there be "joint tours", LTE segments in DT shows with JM on stick bass, or what? We European fans would love to experience TLE in person!

GaryArtistShop:    Or LTE as the case may be ;-)

Keywiz:    The future of LTE is unknown right now. Being as we just made this major change in all of our lives it's really hard to say what will happen for LTE.   There is always the possibility of doing some more live stuff if time opens up and the offers are there.

GaryArtistShop:    Any chance of LTE ever opening for DT?

Keywiz:    That would be a pretty tiring evening don't you think!~ I'd want to get payed by the note!

AskJordan:    mnnlisa says: Hi Jordan! You seem disappointed that people use computers to compose nowaways. Do you ever use a computer for composition?

Keywiz:    I'm not dissapoionted that people use computers the way they do at all. I'm excited about it! I use Performer software on all my projects.

AskJordan:    xabbu says: Is it easy for you to compose whole songs or adding parts to existant material?

Keywiz:    Sometimes an inspiration will just come as a theme or single riff. I try to record it into my sequencer or write it down on paper to re-visit later. Other times more music will flow thru like an entire song.

AskJordan:    jpm90 says: What type of keyboard keys do you prefer? The lightweight or the weighted real-piano-like ones?

Keywiz:    Years ago I could have played on anything with black and whites comfortably. These days I'm so used to writing all my music with the K2500 88 note that the non weighted keyboards don't work for me.

AskJordan:    vampyrized says: Are you aware that there is a bootleg called "The Rudess Experiment" that is allegedly an entire recording of when you tried out for DT in 94?

Keywiz:    I just heard the Rudess experiment. Mike got me a copy of it.   I'm flattered! Where are my royalties??

AskJordan:    diephiliac says: If any, what other projects might you be working on at this time?

Keywiz:    Write this moment I'm focused on the DT recording full time. That is the most important thing I'm doing. I want it to be really great..

AskJordan:    symx says: Could you possibly re-record early-DT "Resurrection Of Ernie" for a nice B-Side ? :)))

Keywiz:    I'll have to hear that. I'll mention it to the guys.

WotanCCC:    Is there anything else you would like to mention before we conclude today?

Keywiz:    Thank you all for join me here today. Stay in touch and check my web site from time to time as I try to keep it up to date.

WotanCCC:    Looks like our time is up...    I'd like to thank everyone for joining us tonight.

Keywiz:    See ya

WotanCCC:    Jordan, we appreciate your taking the time to come and chat with us today, and hope you'll come back to Talk City again soon!  To purchase Jordan Rudess' works, or for information on other Artist offerings, please visit The Artist Shop Online at:


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WotanCCC:    Finally, thanks to the Artist Shop for working with us on this conference. We especially appreciate the efforts of Gary Davis in giving us the opportunity to speak with Jordan Rudess.

GaryArtistShop:    Thanks for joining us Jordan. Look forward to chatting with you again!

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GaryArtistShop:    I also want to give a special thank you to DJGeorge on Ytsejam radio for netcasting all those cool Jordan tunes during this chat!

WotanCCC:    We thank you, our great audience, and extend a very special Thank You to our guest     ....... JORDAN RUDESS..........    We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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WotanCCC:    Thank you all for coming.  Great conference today.   Yes, very cool Jordan.  Good luck with DT.

GaryArtistShop:    See you all in #music-progressive!

WotanCCC:    Yes, very cool indeed.

Keywiz:    Thanks Wotan! Thanks Gary!

GaryArtistShop:    Thank you, Jordan!

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