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This page is for established artists you may already be familiar with who are just starting their own label or are on a fairly small independent label. Such being the case, their catalog is still small with maybe just a couple titles so far. So it's important to patronize these artists to assure their continued independent work. 

Rhonda Larson's

Rhonda Larson

Ventus Records

Did you really think Ian Anderson was the only progressive flutist around? Montana native Rhonda Larson, flutist extraordinaire from the Paul Winter Consort, will leave you with your mouth agape with her own blend of progressive/classical/folk/jazz. She is a virtuoso.

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Rhonda Larson/Distant Mirrors ....CD $14.99

Rhonda Larson/Distant Mirrors

Grammy winner, flutist Rhonda Larson, formerly of the Paul Winter Consort, returns with her second album, Distant Mirrors.  This new release takes on a more introspective and haunting quality taking it's influence from classical, jazz, folk and world musics.  Rhonda Larson is simply one of the most talented flutists around and Distant Mirrors is a must have for any fan of the instrument!

Rhonda Larson/Free As a Bird ....CD $13.99

Rhonda Larson - Free as a Bird

With support from Dixie Dregs keyboardist, Jordan Rudess and Consort friends such as Paul Halley and Glen Velez, Rhonda delivers an album that's progressive, uplifting, dynamic, sensual and so much more than what most people conceive flute music to be.

David Cross

Having outgrown this little spot, David Cross' Noisy Records now has it's own page.

Michael Manring

Michael Manring

Michael Manring grew up in Northern Virginia where his fascination with the bass began at age nine. He played in countless garage rock bands, pick-up groups and all the bands at his high school, including an award winning jazz lab. After a year at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, he began playing professionally and moved to New York City for two years where he studied with bass legend Jaco Pastorius.

In 1979, Michael he began his long-term collaboration with the late guitar genius Michael Hedges and subsequently appeared on all but one of Hedges’ seven recordings. In 1982, he became the house bassist at Windham Hill Records. This led to a solo deal with Windham Hill in 1984 and a move to the San Francisco Bay Area where he currently records for the Alchemy record label. He has released four albums of his own and has appeared on well over a hundred albums as a session musician.

Michael has toured throughout North America, Europe, and Japan as a leader, a sideman, and in his unique solo bass performances. He has two gold records to his credit, has been nominated for Grammy and Bammie awards, received the Berklee School of Music Distinguished Alumni Award, and in 1994, the readers of Bass Player magazine voted him Bassist of the Year, thus making him ineligible for future consideration. He has been called “the bassist with the most fresh and inventive playing today’ (Musician), “a virtuoso electric bassist who’s almost single-handedly redefined the outer limits of the instrument” (San Jose Mercury News), and “a master of the fretless bass without rival” (Guitar Club). Michael's latest projects include his solo album, Book of Flame, on Alchemy and his joint project, Attention Deficit, with Alex Skolnick and Tim Alexander on Magna Carta.

Below you'll find two different, and relatively hard to find, projects that Michael has been involved in.  These are also two extremely diverse recordings.

Sadhappy/Good Day Bad Dream ....CD $12.99

Sadhappy - Good Day Bad Dream

The first group, Sadhappy, is nothing short of a bass lover's dream album!  It features Paul Hinklin on bass and voice, Evan Schiller on drums and samplers and Manring on basses and synthesizer!  Sadhappy attempts to redefine the genre "Drums and Bass" for "Good Day Bad Dream". More specifically, the music can be described as "Trippy, bass-heavy, improv, rhythmic, avant-NOISE!!!"  This is the first SADHAPPY release featuring Michael Manring on Bass.  "Good Day Bad Dream" is proudly a "self-produced" effort: Drummer Evan Schiller recorded and mixed the entire record, with some additional bass tracks and sound sculpting recorded by Michael Manring at his studio. SADHAPPY is releasing the c.d. on its own label, Periscope Recordings.  Musical styles on "Good Day Bad Dream" range from ambient to funk to groove-driven experimental to balls-out punk to a groovin' cover of a Mingus standard.

Cloud Chamber/Dark Matter ....CD $12.99

Cloud Chamber - Dark Matter

The second is Cloud Chamber.  The concept of The Lodge began on February 12, 1991. John Diliberto was in the Bay Area recording a series of Living Room Concerts for his nationally syndicated radio program Echoes. He recorded Barry Cleveland and friends at Barry's home studio in the Oakland Hills and the event turned-out so well that it inspired an ongoing series of improvisational music gatherings. The house became known as The Lodge, and after a time a distinct sound began to emerge. Five of the core members of The Lodge - Cleveland (guitar), Manring (bass), Michael Masley (bowhammer, dulcimer, kalimba, etc.), Dan Reiter (cello) and Joe Venegoni (percussion) - formed the improvisational ensemble Cloud Chamber in 1995.

"This group covers a lot of ground.  Geographically they are not only all over the map, but perhaps even off of it entirely, unless you include charts of the heavens. Their sound is impossible to categorize, partially because it draws from so many sources, and partially because it is entirely improvised and therefore constantly changing. There are elements of classical, jazz, ambient, electronic, trance, prog rock and myriad "ethnic" musics distilled in their alchemical alembic, yet their music emerges with a unique voice."

Keith Emerson

Looking for Keith's Christmas album?  It used to be here, but now you'll find it at our brand new Manticore Page for the various ELP group and solo items available including an AUTOGRAPHED copy of the Christmas album!

Geoff Downes

All Geoff Downes and Asia-related titles can now be found in our Asian Armada Members' Club Room!

Adrian Belew Presents

Hi, Adrian Belew used to have a spot here, but never fear!   He hasn't left us.  But the continued growth of his label has prompted us to give him his own spot on our brand new Adrian Belew Presents/Struggle Baby Records Page.  So click on over and we'll see you there.

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