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You can order a gift certificate to The Artist Shop in any amount for your friends and family.

To Order by Credit Card or PayPal

Just drop me an email at artshop@artist-shop.com .  That's all there is to it!  Be sure to include

Gift certificate amount
Name of recipient and their email address
Your full name
Billing address
Preferred payment method
and the email address you want the invoice sent to.

I will send you an invoice through Squareup.com (if credit card is your preference) or PayPal.  DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER!

Prefer to hear a human voice?

Order by phone!  My number is 330-929-2056.  Please note that I'm in the Eastern time zone (same as New York).  Please try to keep calls between 10am and 6pm eastern time Monday through Friday.

Be sure to check out our Overstock Sale Page!

And our Accessories Page for inner and outer plastic sleeves for CDs, mini-LP sleeves and gem cases.

What's that? You're ordering from another country and you don't know what the exchange rate is? Know what you're paying! You need the Classic 164 Currencies Converter. 

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