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Peter Hammill

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Since bailing out of his Liberal Studies in Science course at Manchester University in 1968, Peter Hammill has pursued an idiosyncratic career as songwriter, singer and musician. Until the late 70's he worked in the group Van der Graaf Generator. Their complex music, as often brutal as it was lyrical, fitted somewhat uneasily into the once and then niche of Progressive Rock. In the ethos of the group - one to which Peter has continued to subscribe since its demise - there was a marked aversion to the categorization of any sort; barely controlled chaos and a sense of adventure, rather than pomp, were the primary characteristics of their chequered nine album career.

By the time the group finally folded Peter had already recorded seven solo albums, covering many lyrical and musical bases in the process. If one did not know otherwise, the proto-punk of Nadir's Big Chance, the full blown emotion of Over and the scatter-gun arrangements of The Silent Corner could well have been the work of three entirely different artists: it is Hammill's voice, both artistic and physical, which unifies them. It is this diversity that the major labels absolutely dread and want nothing to do with. Small wonder that Peter chose the independent route.

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Peter Hammill/Enter K (180g Heavyweight Black Vinyl) ....import vinyl LP $34.99

Peter Hammill/Enter K (180g Heavyweight Black Vinyl) ....import vinyl LP $34.99

Madfish re-issue the 1982 album Enter K by prolific UK based progressive visionary Peter Hammill on vinyl  To set the ball rolling on a run of Peter Hammill's recordings, Madfish re-issue 'Enter K,' originally recorded following his split from the Van der Graaf Generator art rock group.  Hammill was known for covering dark motifs with his lyrics, which, along with his 34 solo studio albums and progressive work with the popular Van der Graaf Generator band, this led to him receiving the first ever Visionary Award in the Prog Awards 2012.  A founding member and primary song-writer for Van der Graaf Generator, Hammill's vocals have been a distinctive part of the progressive genre from 1967 to the Post-Prog output of the 2000s.  Peter Hammill performed with the K group in the early 80s, following Van der Graaf's second split, writing more song-based, punchy new-wave rock. Originally set up as a touring band for Peter Hammill's solo work, Hammill brought material to the studio, where the band gave fresh and energetic backing to Hammill's philosophical lyrics.  Hammill writes - "Enter K is very much a hybrid set of recordings which makes up a pair with Patience. By the time of recording the K Group was in full effect, having been formed to tour with songs from Sitting Targets and A Black Box. As I've said elsewhere, not exactly a Beat Group but probably the closest ensemble I've ever been in which would come under that category... And the K Group really was something else."  Madfish are releasing 'Enter K' on 180g heavyweight black vinyl.

Van der Graaf Generator/Do Not Disturb ....import CD $20.99
Van der Graaf Generator/Do Not Disturb ....import vinyl LP $35.99

Van der Graaf Generator/Do Not Disturb ....import CD $20.99

Esoteric Antenna are delighted to announce the release of the excellent new album by the legendary Van der Graaf Generator. "Do Not Disturb" is the band's 13th studio album and was recorded in the closing months of 2015 and the Spring of 2016.   A true group effort, Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton and Guy Evans continue to follow in the tradition of Van Der Graaf Generator by delivering an album that is both powerful and possesses and emotive beauty.  "Do Not Disturb" is another highlight of the band's career, during which their music has been influential on successive generations of musicians. It is surely one of the key album releases of 2016.  Mastered and cut at Abbey Road studios, the 180 gram vinyl release of "Do Not Disturb" is limited.   The vinyl features a different running order than the CD while the CD features two tracks not found on the vinyl.  This will be an early October release.


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Peter Hammill & The K Band/Live at Rockpalast ....double CD + DVD $22.99

Peter Hammill & The K Band/Live at Rockpalast ....double CD + DVD $22.99

The legendary Peter Hammill / K Group Rockpalast concert from 1981 available as a 2cd/1dvd (region 0, ntsc) in digipak. Includes a booklet with photos and liner notes.   "We took the whole as a normal show. We were in the middle of the tour. Upfront, we had quite re-arranged the songs so they were playable by a rock quartet. When I'm asked about my thoughts on this specific event there lays a veil over my memory somehow. There are only two things that I remember exactly: First, I recollect the unbelievable professionality of the Rockpalast team; second, in a bar next to our hotel I wrote the song Happy Hour which was on the first K Group studio release." - Peter Hammill 2016.  Songs include:  The Future Now, Losing Faith in Words, Stranger Still, Sign, My Experience, Modern, The Second Hand, Sitting Targets, The Sphinx in the Face, Flight, Central Hotel, The Spirit, Door, My Room.



Van der Graaf Generator/After the Flood - Van der Graaf Generator at the BBC 1968-1977 ....import double CD $34.99

Van der Graaf Generator/After the Flood - Van der Graaf Generator at the BBC 1968-1977 ....import double CD $34.99

A collection of VDGG's BBC sessions recorded between 1968 and 1977, After The Flood includes a host of VDGG classics, plus five previously unavailable recordings.  Peter Hammill: "I think our music has stood the test of time because we always made the music we were driven to make without paying any attention to what anyone else was doing. We certainly didn't write music with an eye on what might or might not be successful, even though this was a recipe for absolute commercial disaster. We were very lucky to have maintained such a loyal audience. Everything we have ever done has been true and loyal to some bizarre Van Der Graaf ethos. That's the key to our longevity in my opinion."   Experimental, savage and beautiful, these wonderful BBC sessions make for an excellent addition to VDGG's enduring legacy.  Mastered by Paschal Byrne in 2015.


Peter Hammill/...all that might have been... [Deluxe Edition] ....import 3 CD Set $39.99

Peter Hammill/...all that might have been... [Deluxe Edition] ....import 3 CD Set $39.99

A three CD box set edition of Peter Hammill's uniquely ambitious 2014 solo album.   In addition to the cinematic, continuous play main album, the box set contains a 'songs' version and a 'retro'  instrumental works in progress version that offer very different perspectives on the work and music left off the main release.  Two 16-page booklets provide full lyrics for each version and an explanatory essay runs across the back of the three individual CD booklets.  This is a very limited edition and is likely to disappear quickly.  We have a couple copies left and hope to get more, but that's not guaranteed.

Van der Graaf Generator/Merlin Atmos - Live Performances 2013 ....import CD $20.99
Van der Graaf Generator Merlin Atmos - Live Performances 2013 [Limited Edition] ....import double CD $26.99

Van der Graaf Generator/Merlin Atmos - Live Performances 2013 ....import CD $20.99

Previously listed at $26.99 and $34.99, the prices on the single and double CD editions have been dropped to $20.99 and $26.99 respectively.  If you already pre-ordered these, your price has automatically dropped.  Esoteric Antenna, are pleased to announce the release of the marvellous new live album by Van der Graaf Generator, "Merlin Atmos."  In June 2013, Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton and Guy Evans took to the road in Europe to present a series of live concerts that featured a set list that excited devotees of Van Der Graaf Generator like no other for many years. The band had decided the time was right to present their epic classic piece "A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers" in its entirety on stage for the first time, along with Peter Hammill's equally epic "Flight."  As the centrepieces of the band's live set, a series of wonderful concerts took place, drawing on the classic material from the band's past, as well as their more recent albums such as "A Grounding in Numbers."  Fortunately, some of these shows were recorded for posterity and have now been gathered together to form "Merlin Atmos."   Arguably the finest live album in the history of the band, "Merlin Atmos" confirms Van der Graaf Generator as a continuing musical force and explains the loyalty and respect they continue to receive from devotees the world over. "Merlin Atmos" is a stunning musical statement from a stunningly innovative band.  The limited edition 2 CD digipack edition features a 70 minute CD of "Extras" recorded on the 2013 European tour including such classic tracks as 'Scorched Earth,' 'Man-Erg,' 'Meurglys III, the Songwriter's Guild' and 'Your Time Starts Now.'

Peter Hammill/...All that Might Have Been... ....import CD $22.99

Peter Hammill/...All that Might Have Been... ....import CD $22.99

2014 release from the veteran Art/Prog Rock singer, songwriter and musician best known for his work with Van Der Graaf Generator. This is not a disc of conventional songs, though the fragments from which it's formed originally came from discrete examples of the standard form. These pieces, though, have been cut up and rearranged to form a continuous whole. As in a film, scenes blur into one another, moving backwards and forwards in time and space. Characters appear and disappear, wait in the shadows or are suddenly front of stage and under the spotlight. It's a chiaroscuro, quicksand world in which the music is both its own soundtrack and screenplay. Written and recorded over an eighteen month period - the longest ever for a PH solo work - the album has gone through many twists, turns and transformations before arriving in this final form. It's not a concept album as such but its use of jagged soundscapes, fletting and shadowed characters and elusive plotlines place it closer to a cinematic world than a narrative song one. The sound palate consists of guitars, synths, crushed beats and, of course, insistent vocals. This is unlike anything Peter has attempted before, even after 45 years at the game.

Peter Hammill & Gary Lucas/Other World ....import CD $21.99

Peter Hammill & Gary Lucas/Other World ....import CD $21.99

Esoteric Recordings are delighted to announce the release of the first album collaboration featuring Peter Hammill, (Van Der Graaf Generator) and Gary Lucas, (The Magic Band, Jeff Buckley) . The fourteen tracks of "Other World" are the result of an invitation from Peter to Gary suggesting they might convene at the former's studio to see if some musical sparks might fly. Having first met in Aylesbury after a Hammill solo show in 1973, it was not until January 2012 that Gary arrived at the studio armed with instruments and some pieces which might be worth working on. As Peter explains in the notes below, sparks flew and against the odds, "Other World" unfolded with seamless speed. The majority of the recordings are produced by Peter and Gary's guitars and Peter's vocal though they are aided by a couple of pieces of found sound and loops.   The duo are so pleased with the results of the recording that they intend to play live and dates are being booked for early 2014 and will be announced shortly.



Van der Graaf Generator/Live in Concert at Metropolis Studios London ....2CD + DVD-NTSC $24.99

Van der Graaf Generator/Live in Concert at Metropolis Studios London ....2CD + DVD-NTSC $24.99

The VDGG terror trio's intimate performance at Studio A, Metropolis Studios, London in December 2010.  Captured beautifully on audio and video in a deluxe digipack cd/dvd set, Peter Hammill, Hugh Banton and Guy Evans produced an intense set featuring material spanning the band's 40 year plus career.  Contains an illustrated 12 page booklet with sleeve notes. The DVD contains an interview with all the band members.  Region 0 DVD in 16.9 NTSC format with DTS 5.1 Surround Sound.

Van der Graaf Generator/Alt ....import CD $21.99
Van der Graaf Generator/Alt ....import vinyl LP $29.99

Van der Graaf Generator/Alt ....import CD $21.99

Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the latest release on their front-line label, Esoteric Antenna, dedicated to new releases by both new acts and established artists. 'ALT' is a new studio album by the legendary Van der Graaf Generator and follows on from the release of "A Grounding in Numbers" in 2011.  "Alt" is no ordinary Van der Graaf Generator album (if the term "ordinary" could ever be applied to this visionary group). Peter Hammill explains; "Instrumental improvs & experiments - most of the music on "Alt" was made while we weren't really looking, or perhaps only while the left side of our collective brain was engaged. The album is a mixture of improvisations recorded at sound checks and in the studio and more considered sonic creations which often verge on Musique Concrete. The thirteen pieces here offer a fascinating glimpse into an alternative Van der Graaf Generator sound world. Perhaps the closest comparison would be with the second CD of "Present," but even the link with those recordings is tenuous. Even by Van der Graaf Generator standards, this stuff's at the whacky end of the scale!"  This instrumental album is another side of Van Der Graaf Generator, a truly unique listening experience.  Also available is a limited vinyl edition.

Peter Hammill/Consequences ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/Consequences ....import CD $17.99

"Consequences" is Peter's thirtieth solo studio album of original songs.   Ten jittery new pieces which stretch the boundaries of the form.  Some are wordy, or about words - and miscommunication, mishearing, misapprehension.  Around another corner, lives and actions are overheard, overseen, characters stalked and surprised.  Sometimes these pieces stray into the territory of the short story or screenplay - something is happening just outside the frame, just beyond the range of vision.  Distanced from the norms of songs though they are, a strong narrative thread runs through the heart of each recording.  The instrumentation centres on electric guitars and a variety of pianos. Percussion is sparse. The occasional interjection of other instrumental colours enhances rather than expands the sonic picture.  Central to the realisation of all the songs are authoritative vocal performances in lead, backing and choral roles.  Once again the whole thing is written, performed, sung and recorded entirely solo.  "Consequences" is a weighty addition to Peter's body of work.  Songs include: Eat my Words, Bite my Tongue; That Wasn't What I Said; Constantly Overheard; New Pen-pal; Close to Me; All the Tiredness; Perfect Pose; Scissors; Bravest Face; A Run of Luck.

Peter Hammill/Pno Gtr Vox ....import double CD $19.99

pnogtrvo.jpg (2484 bytes)

While continuing to play his part in the ongoing career of Van der Graaf Generator - indeed, perhaps because the louder side of his nature is very much fulfilled in that environment - Peter has found himself increasingly drawn towards genuine solo performance when under his own name. Over a series of tours he has reconnected with songs old and new in the ultimate stripped-down format of piano and voice, guitar and voice. This double CD, taken from concerts in Japan and the UK in 2010 is Peter's first solo live recording since 1999's "Typical" and shows him at the peak of his powers, pushing and stretching both himself and the material into and out of shape. One CD is of piano songs, the other guitar ones, following a matrix first laid down in the Tokyo shows. The songs are taken from the length and breadth of Peter's career and this release, documenting his solo performance style, is an important addition to his body of recorded work.  Disc 1: Easy to Slip Away, Time Heals, Don't Tell Me, Shell, Faculty X, Nothing Comes, Gone Ahead, Friday Afternoon, Traintime, Undone, The Mercy, Stranger Still, Vision...;    Disc 2:  Comfortable, I will Find You, Driven, The Comet the Course the Tail, Shingle Song, Amnesiac, What's it Worth?, Ship of Fools, Slender Threads, Happy Hour, Stumbled, Central Hotel, Modern, Ophelia

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Hugh Banton/Gustav Holst's The Planets ....import CD $17.99

Hugh Banton/Gustav Holst's The Planets ....import CD $17.99

"The Planets," most generally knownn as an orchestral suite, was originally composed by Holst as a piano duet, with the exception of the final section, "Neptune, the Mystic," which he wrote as an organ piece.  There is very little missing from the final orchestral version that was not already firmly defined in the four hands of the original piano arrangement,  which Hugh Banton has transcribed as a complete organ performance, using the original orchestration as a guide to stop selection and dynamics.  Principally known in public as organist for Van der Graaf Generator, Hugh is a designer and builder of digital church organs. This is his second release from the classical repertoire played on organ, following his recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations.

Roger Eno & Peter Hammill/The Appointed Hour ....import CD $17.99

Roger Eno & Peter Hammill - The Appointed Hour

An extraordinary collaboration. Between one and two in the afternoon of 1st April 1999 Roger and Peter improvised in their respective studios. This CD is a combination of their recordings, in which coincidence and fate play charming parts. The music is continuous for the whole hour. While coming from such an extremely specific time frame the music itself has a timeless quality.  Modern music with a (serious) smile on the face.  Roger first suggested the idea of a collaboration with no more concrete idea than the hope that something unexpected might emerge, well away from anything which either of them might produce as individuals. With this as a yardstick they agreed to plunge fully into the unknown by recording improvisations in their respective studios for exactly one hour between 1 and 2 pm on Thursday, April 1st 1999.  There were no preconditions and no advanced plan. Five minutes before the off they agreed by Œphone that they would start in D minor. Beyond that, all was open.

The hope had been that, if they were lucky, they might come up with i) individual passages of (solo) worth; ii) some moments of synchronicity which could stand in their own right; iii) several germs-of-ideas which they could develop, adapt, overdub and treat. (Of course, April 1st being Fool's Day, there also remained the possibility that one or both of them could have spent the hour in complete silence....).  When the two performances were put in synch together it was immediately obvious that something quite different had occurred. Their mutual, time-locked, distance-distanced concentration had in fact produced not two separate, occasionally coincident performances but the one whole event which is the content of this CD: a most particular hour embedded in music.  The music on the CD is continuous, of course. It has a certain smile, a certain sense of playfulness about it; but it is also quite serious.  And what were you doing for that hour on that day?

Guy Evans & Peter Hammill/The Union Chapel Concert ....double import CD $18.99

Peter Hammill & Guy Evans - The Union Chapel Concert

Guy Evans was invited to do whatever he wanted for a concert at Union Chapel. He decided to do a duet performance with Peter Hammill. And in the process the two of them invited a number of their favorite musicians to join them. The onstage result that evening of Nov. 3, 1996 was a round robin of solos, duets and ensembles with musicians coming and going. Suddenly at the climax of the evening the audience realized that the ensemble in front of their eyes just happened to be Van der Graaf Generator performing together for the first time in nearly 20 years! But they did so in a typically sideways manner which had more to do with the (radical) logic of the moment than with fitting into any genre or raking in the lucre in some sad pastiche of their younger selves. Thankfully the evening was preserved on this official bootleg.

Peter Hammill/Clutch ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/Clutch

"This is the forty-seventh album that I've recorded. As you'll know, there's always some difference in attitude, approach and style as I've gone from one to the next.  This time I've restricted myself to writing and playing exclusively on acoustic guitar. It was on this instrument that I began writing songs nearly forty years ago, so this meant something of a return to first principles. It was also a project of interesting and challenging discipline.  I have not, though, made a simple acoustic record. The guitars are layered and several and there are also outstanding sonic contribtuions from Stuart Gordon on violin and viola and David Jackson on sax and flute. I have bedded in backing vocals in places but in general the lead voice is centre stage.   The songs are at the serious end of the spectrum.  No, this is not a folk album. " - Peter Hammill

Peter Hammill/Enter K (remastered) ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/Enter K (remastered)

Now newly remastered by Peter Hammill and including the bonus track, 'Seven Wonders.'   "Enter K is very much a hybrid set of recordings which makes up a pair with Patience.  By the time of recording the k group was in full effect, having been formed to tour with songs from 'Sitting Targets' and 'A Black Box.'  As I've said elsewhere, not exactly a Beat Group but probably the closest ensemble I've ever been in which would come under that category. The personnel on 'k' are, of course, the k group - Guy Evans, John Ellis and Nic Potter - with additional contributions from David Jackson.   The masters were evidently originally intended for vinyl, still the only game in town at that time. In the new remastering I've attempted to apply the same sonic processing as washed over the VdGG Box set and, indeed, The Margin +; I hope that the end result gives back some analogue oomph to the digital experience." - PH

Peter Hammill/Everyone You Hold ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill - Everyone You Hold

This is a brilliant new album by Peter Hammill.  It is an extremely engaging and very personal statement, almost as if he were whispering a message to you.

Peter Hammill/Fireships (remastered) ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/Fireships (remastered)

"This CD has been unavailable for some time and I have now taken the opportunity to remaster it. The artwork has also undergone a spring clean. This was the first new recording to be released on Fie! Records, back in 1992. It set a benchmark for many of my future efforts. I produced it in conjunction with David Lord and his wonderful orchestral arrangements are well to the fore. At this time I was particularly interested in a wide sonic pallette, applied to songs with an immediate and direct approach, usually centred on one, close-up, lead vocal. Percussion is minimal on these recordings and the tempo is generally slow, calm, slow. This is one of my most accessible and creatively succesful albums of recent years and I am really pleased that it's going to be out there once more." ~ Peter Hammill.

Peter Hammill/Incoherence ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/Incoherence

'Incoherence' is Peter Hammill's twenty-sixth solo album of completely new sung material, the forty-ninth in which he has had principal involvement as writer, singer and musician, including those with Van der Graaf Generator, instrumental 'Sonix' and live projects.  Peter has been noted for his words (and his care with and for them) since the beginning of his thirty-six year long career; in this continuous 42 minute song cycle his lyrics examine instances of language failing to work or to communicate...the impossibilities of words, where meaning, logic and intention fall apart into incoherence.   The musical backdrop to the lyrics is kaleidoscopic, based on Peter's keyboards and guitars with significant contributions from his long-term cohorts Stuart Gordon (violin) and David Jackson (saxes and flutes).  Percussion is completely absent. The arrangements move jaggedly from floating improvisations to full orchestrations to full-on riffs, reflecting the paradoxes, the dead ends, the cliff-hanging inconclusions of the lyrical content.  All this is a long way from the Pop Song. It is just as far away from the Classical Conservatoire or the Jazz Club. Something else, again. Like it or loathe it, what else do you expect from PH by now?  Surprise? A Conclusion? Peter finished the final mix on this project at 5pm on December 5th 2003; forty-two hours later he had a heart attack, from which he is currently recovering. The moving finger writes, wags, points...and moves on. All our stories are incoherent.

Peter Hammill/Loops & Reels ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/Loops & Reels

The first of PH's more 'experimental' albums.

Peter Hammill/The Noise ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/The Noise

Featuring PH (vox, guitars, keyboards), Manny Elias (drums), Nic Potter (bass), John Ellis (guitar) and David Jackson (sax, flute), The Noise was recorded at Terra Incognita, Peter's studio in Bath, in 1992. It followed on from the 'calm' CD, Fireships and was flagged at the time as being number one in the A Loud series. If the idea of grouping releases together in this way was one which quickly foundered, at least in this case it gave an indication of the general tenor of these songs.  They're not quite Nadir-like in their attack but a fair amount of 'bash-that-electric-guitar' does take place here. If anything, the original release erred on the side of sonic correctness at the expense of level; the remastering of this version puts this right and the amps are definitely turned up this time.  A couple of songs here subsequently became firm live favourites:   'Planet Coventry' and 'Primo on the Parapet.'  Another song, 'The Noise' itself, clearly celebrates the joy of making a racket on stage.  With the forthcoming prospect of the Van der Graaf Generator reunion it remains to be seen exactly how much of a noise PH is still prepared to make. The remaster/reissue of this CD certainly puts down a pointer....

Peter Hammill/None of the Above ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/None of the Above

This is Peter Hammill's latest album, a collection of songs recorded between January 1999 and February 2000.  Most of the vocals and instruments are performed entirely by Peter with some contributions from percussionist Manny Elias, violinist Stuart Gordon with Peter's daughters, Holly and Beatrice, providing some soprano vocals.

Peter Hammill/PAST GO: Collected ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/PAST GO: Collected

Peter Hammill/Patience (remastered) ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/Patience (remastered)

"This CD has been unavailable for some time and I have now taken the opportunity to remaster it. The artwork has also been spruced up. This was the second album that I recorded with the members of my then touring band, the K group, in 1982/3. The previous recording (Enter K) was remastered last year and it's high time that this one, too, had some sonic afterburner applied to its tracks. Electric guitar predominates here in a direct and uncompromising fashion. At the core of things, though, is a very strong collection of songs. Several of these have become staple subjects for live performance in almost every line-up with which I've played since. Their first appearances here, though, were hardly half-baked. The recordings were made in the manner already set down with 'Enter k': half the tracks were initiated in my home studio, to be completed at Crescent Studios. The rest were started from the ground up there in a very tradtitional backing track/overdub manner." ~ Peter Hammill

Peter Hammill/The Roaring Fortie (remastered) ....import CD $17.99
Peter Hammill/X My Heart (remastered) ....import CD $17.99
Peter Hammill/This (remastered) ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill - The Roaring Forties          Peter Hammill/X My Heart           Peter Hammill - This

"Remastered versions of 'Roaring Forties,' 'X My Heart' and 'This' are released on CD.  Stock of these discs had (semi-deliberately) dwindled to nothing and it seemed a good opportunity to give a brush-up to the sonics involved - which to my mind seemed in retrospect a little dull. It's not a massive re-tread but I do believe there's a significant increase in aural quality and general punch." - Peter Hammill

Peter Hammill/Singularity ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/Singularity

Peter's last solo studio recording, 'Incoherence," was released in 2004, having been completed a day before he had a heart attack. Since then he's been occupied with the Van der Graaf Generator reunion, first in recording "Present" and then in the run of live shows undertaken in 2005; he was also responsible for remastering the VdGG catalogue. In 2006 "Veracious," a set of live duo performances with Stuart Gordon, was released and Peter also remastered the solo CDs which he had recorded for Charisma in the 70s.  Little wonder, then, that when he came to write and record "Singularity" intimations of mortality and considerations of history both public and personal were uppermost in his mind. The main theme here is the long dive down into not being who we were....

Perhaps inspired by the early Charisma recordings, "Singularity" is absolutely a solo record on which Peter sings and plays all instruments alone. This is not, though, a folksy singer-songwriter effort. Experimentation and change have always been important to Peter and some of the sonic landscapes encountered here are strangely new. Warped electric guitars and vocals crushed into slabs of noise are as likely to appear as grand pianos or acoustic guitars.  Many definitions of singularity exist and though several of them have some bearing on and resonance in this work the principle ones with which Peter identifies here are the personal (unusual, strange) and gravitational (Black Hole).'s serious but it's not devoid of humour, though where this occurs it's often of a black variety...and often directed back at the singer himself.  After all, we are all circling just outside the gravitational pull of our personal black holes...that's where we're heading. Meanwhile, though, we can whistle a tune, albeit a strange and singular one.

Peter Hammill/Sonix ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill - Sonix

Subtitled 'Hybrid Experiments 1994-1996'. None of this stuff is exactly comfortable: for the most part it is music from beneath the surface and behind the light. An alternate world of Sonix. But, we PH fans always knew he wasn't for the faint of heart.

Peter Hammill/Sonix "Unsung" ....CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/Sonix "Unsung"

'Unsung' contains experimental instrumental work of an unpredictable and uncategorisable nature. Just around the corner from comparative order and logic chaos waits.... As the title implies, the absence of lyrics means that not even any clues are offered.  Peter Hammill himself explains as best he can:  "This is effectively the third in an originally unconscious series initiated with 'Loops and Reels' and continued with 'Sonix.'  It also bears relation to the work I did with Guy Evans on 'Spur of the Moment' and Roger Eno on 'The Appointed Hour.'  I used to call this kind of stuff experimental, as if to differentiate it from the 'normal' world of song...but these days the song seems capable of being stretched in wider and wider ways and such a sub-definition seems arch at best.

"The pieces presented here, though, individually and collectively, went self-deterministic on me at a certain point and seemed to wilfully declare that they refused be made into songs as such, insisting that they were complete as pieces in their own right and as a set of recordings.  They are not 'for' anything (dance/visual), nor 'about' anything (in the absence of any narrative drive). They are not trying to fit into any given genre, nor trying to jam genres togethr in (cold) fusion. I've lived with them for some time now and it seems to me that they evoke some entirely other culture...and remain, therefore, defiantly unsung.  For me, these pieces collectively present an alternative aural landscape.  If they are for the most part free-spirited and -willed they still conform to their own internal rules. All this comes from...well, somewhere else. I suppose that finally I don't care where it comes from, only how it ends up.  In these cases, unsung."

Peter Hammill/There Goes the Daylight ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/There Goes the Daylight

A full band live album from The Noise tour.

Peter Hammill/Thin Air ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/Thin Air ....import CD $17.99

"Thin Air" is Peter's twenty-ninth solo album of original songs. It's been an eventful few years for Peter: a heart attack in December 2003 was followed by the Van der Graaf Generator reunion - both on stage and on record - in 2004/5. "Singularity," his last solo work, was released in 2006 and since then he has been deeply involved in the ongoing story of VdGG, now reconstituted as a trio and moving on from strength to strength. These new recordings, then, mark a return to solo territory, but in the knowledge that the band is still an ongoing entity. Peter therefore decided to make this set of recordings a genuinely one-man effort, playing and singing every note on the disc. As might be expected of an artist now more than forty years into his career, these are adult songs, addressing grown-up themes. The songs are of disappearance, of loss, of dislocation. Often we know in advance that what we hold will be lost; sometimes the loss comes as a complete surprise. The disappearances in our lives can be of culture, of people, of buildings, of relationships; this is the natural order of things rather than the exception. The themes of disappearance thread their way across nine pieces of impressionistic breadth. With piano, acoustic guitar and Peter's inimitable vocals to the front of the soundstage there is space left at the rear for fragmented sonic disturbances to be splashed across the songs. Familiar elements of Peter's writing and recording styles are here, of course, but the combinations are put together in such a way as to make something new and challenging out of the whole. This is a worthy, fascinating and mature addition to Peter's body of work, which remains uneasy listening. It doesn't look as if he will be disappearing just yet.

Peter Hammill/The Thin Man Sings Ballads ....CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/The Thin Man Sings Ballads

"The thin man..." is a compilation of songs taken from Peter Hammill's Fie! releases. On each of these there are usually one or two songs which don't frighten the horses (as well as many which do, of course). This collection, then, is intended as a non-scary introduction to Peter's work for those who otherwise might be reluctant to put their toes in the water.  All tracks are remastered and in some cases edited.

Peter Hammill/Typical ....double import CD $18.99

Peter Hammill - Typical

A new live double CD from Peter Hammill slated for release around mid-April. Performances are all from '92, around Europe.  Interspersed with his band/trio/duo activities, Peter has been performing purely solo shows on a regular basis since 1968.  Several of these have appeared (in the usual predictably scrappy form) on various bootlegs.  This collection of songs is the first official version of, ."..whatever it is I do, wherever it is I go, alone on stage."  This wonderful collection features over two hours of music and a 12 page booklet full of commentary from PH.

Peter Hammill/What Now? ....import CD $17.99

Peter Hammill/What Now?

Peter Hammill had spent a considerable amount of time, energy and emotion revisiting and remastering a good portion of the Van der Graaf Generator catalog for The Box (a four disc VdGG retrospective you'll find below), and it had a definite impact on his latest release, "What, Now?"  "Exhilarating though this was it carried with it an element of emotional debt and a demand for self-examination. I determined that my own next release should be conventional (as in songs) rather than experimental and I therefore put to one side a collection of material I had been previously been working on and began assembling the "What?" of "Now."  There are eight songs of varying length and style. On three or four of them one finds, in various combinations, the members of the (erstwhile and maybe some day to be again) pHQ: Manny Elias, Stuart Gordon and David Jackson. This line-up remains one of which I'm very fond and which I believe has an extremely wide sonic palette. This is not, though, a revisitation of "X my heart," for the remainder of the tracks are fundamentally me playing alone. This time my stabs at instruments are divided fairly evenly between guitars electric and acoustic, pianos/keyboards and bass. Of course, there's a lot of singing, both lead and backing vox/choral. Naturally, although there are elements of familiarity, it is not the same as what has gone before." - PH

Peter Hammill with Stuart Gordon/Veracious ....import CD $17.99

veraciou.jpg (3124 bytes)

After the alarums and excursions of his appearances in the Van der Graaf Generator reunion of 2005 Peter Hammill's first release of 2006 on Fie! Records restates his interest in things stripped down, solo...and live.  Over the last decade or so the most common line-up for Peter's shows has been a duo, with Stuart Gordon's electric violin augmenting Peter's own vox, piano and guitar. Not before time, "Veracious" provides an audio document of the way in which these two have set about their business onstage.  A feature of Peter's shows has been a constant turnover of material and most of the songs represented here come from Peter's most recent studio albums; only "A Way Out" and "Primo on the Parapet" have appeared on live recordings before. As always, the tunes and lyrics are stretched and warped away from their original shapes: that's the nature of real live performance.   "Veracious" is an essential addition to the Peter's catalogue of live recordings.

Peter Hammill & The K Group/The Margin + ....import double CD $18.99

Peter Hammill & The K Group/The Margin +

Peter Hammill has been a writer, singer and performer for the last thirty years. For most of that time he has been firmly planted in the 'Art/Weird' box.  For a brief period in the early eighties, though, he had a Beat Group, albeit a somewhat unlikely one...The K Group.  The rhythm section of Guy Evans (drums) and Nic Potter (bass) had, of course, played with Peter in Van der Graaf Generator. It should not be forgotten, however, that they were also members of Glenn Fernando Campbell's Misunderstood. Enough credentials?  Lead guitarist was John Ellis, ex-Vibrators & Peter Gabriel. Peter had met him while both were performing with the Stranglers while Hugh Cornwell was in jail.  Peter himself contributed his own brand of brutal rhythm guitar, piano & vox.

Taking material from Peter's solo career, from VdGG and from the two records which, under Peter's solo name, the combination recorded together (Enter k and Patience), the group toured consistently between '82 and '83. Clubs, mostly; Germany, mostly; high voltage, definitely.  This release presents, on CD 1, the original 'The Margin,' as recorded live in the UK in '83, in a remastered form. A second CD contains live-wire performances from '82 in brutal stereo intensity.  The K Group could and did play in funny time signatures and at times with great sensitivity. The dominant aesthetics of the group, though, were blasting guitars, bass string blisters, shredded drum heads, oxygen debt, sweat. Here it is.   Ladies & Gentlemen, the bar is open.

Van der Graaf Generator/Aerosol Grey Machine ....import CD $17.99

Van der Graaf Generator - The Aerosol Grey Machine

This is the official Fie! re-release of Van der Graaf Generator's very first album. It has been digitally remastered with two bonus tracks added. Also Peter has added extensive liner notes to this 16 page booklet recounted the earliest days of Van der Graaf and events that led up to the recording of this landmark album.

Van der Graaf Generator/A Grounding in Numbers ....import CD $21.99

Van der Graaf Generator/A Grounding in Numbers ....import CD $21.99

In late 2008 and early 2009 preparations began for Van der Graaf Generator's next set of recordings. Song fragments were gathered, ideas exchanged, theories, policies and directions discussed. In April 2010 the band met up for intensive tracking sessions in Cornwall, arranging, rehearsing and recording the album in a week. Some of the pieces were already fully-formed songs; others, even at this stage, remained more sketches than fully realised works.  Over the next months the tracks were overdubbed, edited and adapted by the band in their own studios. A constant exchange of files over the internet or on CDR kept the project in full alignment. By September the project was ready to be mixed. Hugh Padgham had agreed to take on this part of the process - the first time anyone outside the band had been entrusted such responsibility. After three weeks in Hugh's London studio, Sofasound (which shares its name with Peter's original home set-up), "A Grounding in Numbers" was completed. With a fantastic clarity and depth of sound and a helter-skelter stretch of tunes, "A Grounding... " sees VdGG pushing ever further forward into the twenty first century. Clearly, they know they're a group with a certain history - but they are also an emphatically modern one.  "A Grounding in Numbers," the stunning new album is the 12th studio record by the band and is their first since 2008.

Van der Graaf Generator/Present ....import double CD $28.95

Van der Graaf Generator/Present

Most fans thought it would never happen.  But Guy Evans, David Jackson, Hugh Banton and Peter Hammill have reunited as Van der Graaf Generator.   This is not a nostalgic reunion to relive past glories, but a coming together of new experiences and fresh perspectives for the creation of new music as well as new live performances, the rebirth of a phoenix!  During the studio sessions the muse was so generous that the result was 16 new Van der Graaf works spread out over a double CD.   Present is being released by Virgin/EMI who have resurrected the Charisma label for the occasion.  "One CD consists of the songs/structured pieces which we consciously rehearsed: "Every Bloody Emperor," "Boleas Panic," "Nutter Alert," "Abandon Ship!," "In Babelsberg" and "On the Beach."  The second CD features an hour's worth of improvisations. These have always been a feature of Van der Graaf playing and are quite whacky.... I recommend taking these at about a half an hour at a time; it's really like being locked in the room with us." - PH

Van der Graaf Generator/Real Time ....import double CD $19.99

Van der Graaf Generator/Real Time

On 6th May 2005 Van der Graaf Generator staged their reunion concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London. The event had sold out within days of its announcement and over twenty five different nationalities were represented among the ticket holders, none of whom believed that they would ever see Banton, Evans, Jackson and Hammill perform again as VdGG. After all, the last time they had done so had been twenty nine years previously. Expectations and stakes were high.  Collective breath was held as they advanced on stage. What would they play? How would it sound? Would it be worth risking the reputation of the past with these present efforts?  With suprises as well as old favourities, new songs as well as recovered classics, the event was, in the end, a triumph for critics and public alike.  This double CD contains every note from first to last in real time as a true document of a unique occasion. This is very exciting stuff indeed.

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